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Unlock your brand's true potential with comprehensive website design services. Experience the impact of a customized, optimized, and state-of-the-art website to elevate your business.

A website design company with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied Local and international clients

We are Provelop, a web design agency with over three years of experience in providing professional and creative website design services.

Our website designers are dedicated to creating an online presence that effectively represents your brand, boosts your rankings in search results, and ensures a better user experience, as well as improved online profit.

We offer professional web design services for all kinds of online presences, from one-page and dynamic presentation websites to online stores and web applications.

We offer our clients unique and complete access to our web design services - from market research and user needs, through the creation of wireframes, color iterations, and site elements, to creating custom-made fonts and unique layouts for mobile devices.

Hire Provelop and present your business in the best possible way, using custom-made, responsive, SEO-optimized, secure, and creative website design.

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What do you get when you entrust your website design to Provelop?

Your website is the only thing promoting your business 24/7. Our agency makes the design of your site do it in the right way.

A good and professional digital presence allows you to connect with your target audience, build consumer trust, and convert visitors into satisfied clients.

With over three years of experience in creating interactive, attractive designs, tailored to the needs of businesses and customers, we can say with certainty that our web design services are exactly what your business needs for success.

Whether you are a small local business, a medium business, or an international company, Provelop is the perfect agency for professional and affordable website design.

We have been working with companies of all sizes belonging to the world’s biggest markets, such as the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and Belgium.

Regardless of whether you have an internal design, development, or marketing team - or whether we would be your complete digital team - you can be sure that cooperating with us will suit your business’ and clients’ aspirations.

We create websites that are completely adapted to the needs of your business and conceived with unique inspiration. In other words, your company’s needs directly affect the website size, its functionality and complexity, the platform choice, and finally, the price of the service.

Web design for mobile platforms - Responsive and Mobile-first websites

More than half of Internet traffic comes from mobile phones, and their share in the number of transactions and online shopping profit is just slightly smaller.

As a web design agency, we understand the importance of creating a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and available to all users. With the increasing number of mobile devices and a larger number of people accessing the internet through their smartphones, web design for mobile devices has become more important than ever.

Therefore, we offer our clients the services of responsive and mobile-first web design, during which we create websites whose look and content are automatically adjusted to the screen of the device.

Responsive web design implies layouts whose interface is adapted to the look of the device and window size, facilitating usability, navigation, and user satisfaction.

We have many years of experience in responsive and mobile-first web design. We use the newest technology and best practices to ensure that your site fits all devices and offers an extraordinary user experience.

The role of responsive web design is the key to the success of an online business. Adaptability to mobile devices significantly contributes to the improvement of user experience, performance upgrades, a boost in search ranking, and an increase in organic conversions.

The improved user experience implies that the users will be able to move through your website and access its full content without the need for zooming or horizontal moving.

Besides the users, internet search engines, like Google, take into account the mobile device adaptability of the site when ranking a site in search results. Besides that, responsive design saves your time and resources long term, because it removes the need for owning separate pages for different devices.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you create a responsive web design that satisfies the needs of your business.

Our process

We see your website as a digital shop window that represents your brand and helps you connect with the audience. No matter if you require a simple, presentational website with just a few pages or a complex online shopping platform, our web design services offer a worked-out and efficient methodology for approaching each project in the most optimized way possible, ensuring you the achievement of your goals.

Clients who entrust us with web design services go through our tested design process:


Defining Project Scope

The initial phase of the web design process involves close cooperation with the client, to determine the extent of necessary services, and the goals that the new website has to achieve.


Sitemap and Wireframes

Using the information collected during the first phase, we find inspiration and create a detailed plan for the client’s web design. The first sketches of the new website are created during this phase.


Designing Pages

Depending on the agreement with the client, our team creates one or more web design prototypes. This is done through continuous communication with the client to ensure the best quality of work.


Coding and Testing

After the approvement of the design of a specific website page, our development, and QA teams start the development and testing. We constantly test the performance and responsivity.


QA Testing

When the content and the visual elements are completely coded, we begin the testing process. Our QA team tests every page in detail - its performance, internal linking, responsiveness, and content.


Launch and Maintenance

After the complete design is created, coded, and tested, and after the final confirmation by the client, it is time for the launch of the website. During this step, the accuracy of all files is confirmed.

What do our clients say about our website design company?

"Excellent and professional service. The end result for our ''construction site movie'' was very pleasing. Definitely highly recommended!"

Van Wijnen

"Thanks to Provelop I can finally work professionally with my own website, super happy with it"

Quentin Jarrett

"Provelop was a great support with the development of our Shopify shop."


"I am incredibly satisfied with the way Provelop works. The contact went smoothly! I also ended up with an incredibly beautiful website. Exactly what I had in mind. Provelop knows how to anticipate your wishes. 10/10"

Luka Geurts

"Very satisfied with the service I received. Definitely recommend for someone looking for a professional look online. Furthermore, we have always had good contact via teams, phone and email. All-round you are not going to get better service than Provelop."

Adam Berrie

"Provelop created an insanely beautiful and clear website for my company and has been taking social media fulfillment off my hands for several months. Dave is creative, keeps his appointments and communicates clearly."

Daniel Vermaire

"Reliable company that keeps appointments and keeps you well informed about the progress of the job. Experienced Dave as a great guy who listens well and completes the job as needed. Top!"

Maurice Engel

"Fantastic work delivered and fast! It was a very nice cooperation! We will definitely work with again in the future! Thanks Dave!"

Il Gusto Gulpen

"Committed and thoughtful!
Good service, responds quickly and makes time. It's nice to work and spar with someone who actually thinks with me and looks further. Cooperation feels pleasant and efficient."

M.A.E. Coaching

"Provelop fully satisfies his profession. The customer is listened to carefully and he knows how to respond to the wishes. You are kept informed throughout the process. I am very satisfied with my website! This is definitely the right place for building a website!"

Berrenstein Coaching

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Web Design - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a website design project last?

The time needed for the website design depends on many factors, like the number of pages, the level of complexity of the website functionalities, whether you have an already-existing template or whether we create it, etc. Provelop, as a professional website design agency, takes approximately one to three months to create a website from scratch to its final release. For concrete information, contact us and request a detailed offer.


What is the price range for website design?

The price of website design varies depending on the needs of your business and the level of complexity of the project. It depends on the number of unique pages that need designing, the complexity of the layouts, and the designers’ and other teams’ degree of involvement. We create a unique offer for every client, adapted to your demands and the technology and functionalities that you choose for your web design. For a detailed price estimate of a potential project, the best option is to contact us to get a free estimate.


How many pages are included in web design?

We have been doing web design for over three years and during that time we have created a wide spectrum of digital products - from single-page presentations to complex online stores with over 5.000 products. The website size depends on your demands, although we always recommend multi-page website design to our clients. This is a better solution as it enables successful SEO optimization and better ranking for the desired keywords.


What if I don’t know what I need for my website design?

It doesn’t matter - we are here to help. We organize the initial meetings with our team for every project, and using detailed briefings, we paint the complete picture of what your online business needs.


Do you work with international clients?

Of course - what is more, more than 60% of the clients who put their trust in our hands are international ones. Our clients come from all around the world and throughout the years, the biggest trust was shown to us by companies from the USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, Australia, and other leading world markets. We ensure a good relationship with our international partners from the start of the project to the delivery of the final digital product. Even though we are physically separated, we maintain the practice of constant communication and project status monitoring. Project management software, regular team meetings, and smooth email communication are just some of how you will be sure that the work on your project is adequately done.


What does the project management process look like during web page design?

Our project management process includes everything, from the initial meeting where we define your needs and analyze the market, to the successful delivery of the finished website and its optimization after release. By hiring Provelop you get a project manager at your disposal. They are completely dedicated to your project and you will be able to communicate all of the steps of the project and potential questions with them.


How big are the companies you do website design for?

Our service is intended for companies of different sizes. We cooperate with start-ups, non-profit organizations, medium-sized and small enterprises, as well as with international companies. We clearly understand our clients’ demands and we plan, organize, and perform tasks in order to achieve maximal results for any company.


Does your service offer include both website development and SEO optimization?

Our team will create a unique offer for your project based on your demands and provided information. If it isn’t specifically stated in the offer, the estimate refers only to the process of web design. As a full-service digital agency, we offer a wide spectrum of services, like web development, SEO services, branding, and PPC advertising. If you are interested in expanding our cooperation, our team will gladly share more details about other services.


What industries do you offer web designing services to?

During our existence, we worked with local and international companies belonging to various industries, be they B2B or B2C companies. Companies and individuals from eCommerce, manufacturing, the fitness sector, construction, automotive, home improvement, IT and software technology, beauty, hospitality, as well as many personal brands, entrusted us with their websites.


Do you do web design for online stores?

Absolutely - our portfolio boasts plenty of web design projects done for local and international online stores. Besides the classic online stores focused on the buying and selling of items, our designers are experienced in websites for buying and selling apartments, artworks, and other areas of the eCommerce industry.


Can you redesign an already existing web page?

Yes, we offer website redesign services.


Is your web design responsive, that is, adapted to mobile devices?

Absolutely! Provelop is proud of its detailed and complex approach which includes a completely responsive web design. Besides responsiveness, we offer mobile-first design to our clients, that is, done primarily for mobiles. Whichever approach you choose, rest assured that your page experience on a mobile device will be unsurpassable.


Who is the owner of the completed web design?

After the completion of the contractual obligations, you obtain full ownership of your site and its design.


What if I don’t have any prepared content for the website?

No problem - we offer web copywriting, where our copywriters create relevant and professional content optimized for the desired keywords and fulfilling your business demands and goals. We offer you a copywriting service, through which we deliver content for landing pages, service pages, keywords optimized blogs, and much more.


Will I lose ranking in Google searches if I redesign my web page?

If the job is done properly, you will not lose your ranking in Google searches. We have more than three years of experience in website redesign and, thanks to following all of the necessary steps, we approach the soft transition model, which is enabled by honoring SEO rules like URL structure consistency and redirection. We utilize the best practices so that the ranking of each of our redesigned websites remains unchanged, and most commonly boosted, after launch.


Do you offer website maintenance?

Regular and adequate website maintenance is the key to the stability, reliability, and performance of a website. Proper maintenance will help ensure the good functioning of your web presence, boost your website’s Google search ranking, and increase traffic to your website. We offer a website maintenance service, disregarding the platform they were made on. Proper and professional maintenance and regular updating of the page will help achieve stable and continuous growth of your online business.


What if I have my own design, development, or SEO team?

No problem – we are flexible and create service packages according to your demands. If you don’t find one of the aspects necessary, or you have an internal team of experts, we adapt in order to fulfill the rest of your digital requirements.

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